Doberman Genetic (Breeding) Program

Now Enrolling Embark Veterinarian DNA Tested Doberman Pinschers With The Doberman Genetic (Breeding) Program - DGP.

Breeding the world's healthiest Doberman Pinschers is a genetic project DGP has implicated into a Nationwide Breeding Program and we want you/Doberman to Join Now! Accepting Enrollment from American & European Bloodlines in North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and many more regions of the world.

It's just (3) three simple steps to Enroll your Doberman Pinscher and Join a Community of Genetically Healthy Dobermans and Doberman Lovers. Here are the Steps below;

1. Have your Doberman Pinscher genetically DNA tested by Embark Veterinarian and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Discounted Embark DNA Test Kits may be available through a partnership, email DGP for updates or visit the Doberman Diversity Project website for Discounted Embark Vet. DNA Test Kits.

2. Forward Embark Veterinarian Full Genetic Results to Doberman Genetic Program, ONLY if your dog has tested as; Zero (0) Risk for ALL Genetic Test Results tested by Embark Vet. Please be advised, DGP is a Breeding Program for Genetically Healthy Doberman Pinschers to minimize genetic disease in a bloodline and assure superior health in produced offspring.

3. Enrolled Doberman Pinschers will have the opportunity to breed with other healthy "Zero (0) Risk" tested mates, (considering Coefficient Of Inbreeding) breeding pair will be evaluated by breed professionals, veterinarians, canine geneticists, master breeders, and any other appropriate professional as needed before breedings occur. Additional temperament, cognitive, health, conformation test may be recommended by breed professionals.

By enrolling your Doberman Pinscher to participate in a strictly prepared, managed, evaluated, and documented breeding program. We can minimize the risk of passing on alleles/genes associated with well-known diseases and disorders to future offspring. These processes will also provide extremely important and vital information to continue the needed research and development in the field of canine genetics. A field used in human genetics for comparisons, relations, and general understanding.

Most importantly, this program is an essential resource to provide Professional Doberman Pinscher Breeders a database of healthy breed stock. Ultimately DGP's goal is to encourage others to ONLY Breed Healthy Dobermans under Health Determined Situations. 

Under Health Determined Situations? YES! Just because two (2) Dobermans are "Genetically Healthy", doesn't mean their PERFECT to breed. Other health factors MUST be considered, such as general health, temperament, conformation, age, nutrition, diseases, disorders, infections, virus, coefficient of inbreeding, pedigree, z-factor, etc.

Doberman Genetic Program partners with the industries' leading professionals to guarantee the most comprehensive breeding plan to assure true quality health care and preventative actions.

The Doberman Genetic (Breeding) Program is focused on Health as our Priority and All Doberman Pinscher Participates will be Certified w/ Titled Credentials as;

Hon. GSB

"Honorable, Genetically Superior Breed stock" for future programs, research, and data.

Why Honorable? Because there are many Doberman Pinschers that deserve honor and respect for the positive genetic influence they have contribute to the future of their breed. 

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